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From Jana Roemer (Astrologist):

“We are in the middle of an intense eclipse portal. The third of this round comes with the full moon on July 4/5th (depending on your time zone). It’s very likely that you’ll feel tired, lethargic, unmotivated or stuck. It’s important that you give yourself a chance to rest and go with this energy as we are being upgraded. The transformation is happening on such a deep level, it’s re-wiring us on a deep subconscious level and it’s important that each and every one of us prioritizes this deep penetrating rest so that our collective mind and heart can be re-worked in preparation for the upcoming astrology this fall and attune to the revolution energy upon us.

The moon is in Libra today and moves into a void of course for most of the day Monday before moving into Scorpio. More rest, reflecting on our collective shadow, this penetrating transformation and our individual role in it all. Tonight, Mars moves into Aries where he’ll stay for the next six months”

According to AstroMatrix, this is a time of personal review and introspection.

“Neptune moves into retrograde motion on June 23rd and will station direct on November 28th. When Neptune is direct you look for experiences of oneness outside of yourself, and when Neptune is retrograde you seek oneness within yourself

At the moment there is a total of SIX planets currently in retrograde, making it an ideal time for deep personal review and introspection. Luckily, Venus moves out of Retrograde on the 25th of June reducing the retrograde action just a little. There are no major aspects to other planets during Neptunes retrograde this year. Outer planets are at their highest manifestation of power when they change direction.

With the planet Mars close by in Pisces, this cycle can stimulate our Spiritual drive. Neptune wants to dissolve our ego so that we can be at one with ourselves, others, and our Spiritual Source, in the light of newfound personal truth. The illusion of separation is lifted and the message is that we are all united.”


Something that I have been thinking about lately. There are eight moon phases as personality types. I learned today that I am a new moon person, and I was born on the new moon. You can learn more at this article by Kelly’s Astrology.

You can find out what moon phase you were born in here.

New Moon

“Seed planting – underground.
In this Moon phase there is little light. Like the seed beginning its life beneath the soil, literally out of sight, those born at this Moon phase are full of energy and enthusiasm, but tend to shun the limelight. There is always a lot going on for New Moon individuals, but you won’t always know about all of it.

New Moon individuals have a childlike quality. They are more innocent than most and perennially excited. Instinct often overrides logic. A strong desire for continually fresh experiences and new opportunities ensures they have many interests and hobbies. Energetic, lively and at times easily led, New Moon individuals are great at starting projects, but often fail in the follow through.

The New Moon phase is the first phase and they are naturally drawn to beginnings rather than endings.  Impulsive and quick to act, they make decisions based on gut feelings rather than practical concerns. They can be subjective and easily influenced by others but are full of courage and confidence, often daring to go where those around them never would. Their energy can sometimes scatter as they try too many new things at once.”

And from a friend’s notes:

-0-45 degrees counter clockwise from sun
-this is a birth cycle (vs death cycle)
-a seed in the earth/darkness of the womb
-need all the elements to nourish the seed
-pure potential
-trust your gut and urges to move you forward in life
-pull away from the pack
– no leader, no guide, no example to follow
-there’s a primal instinct, an urge and intuition that presses you forward to do something
-no leader to follow and there’s an urge to do something and get moving so this is like the first cracking of the seed where there’s this urge to emerge from the darkness into the light so have to take some risks to do things your own way–not going to follow trends or the mainstream–going to do this my own way/on my own by trusting the instincts and urges that come from within.
-question to ask yourself: how do I honour my urges?

And here’s another article about being born on the new moon.


Wisdom from Tosha Silver, Astrologer:

“We’re in the tunnel between 3 eclipses now until mid-July (next one June 21). Eclipses are pivotal turning points where what is outgrown, even decayed, falls away (that can refer to beliefs, ideas, relationships, all of it) so what is needed can come. They affect the whole planet too, not just individuals. You can see it happening.

If you’re feeling your way through the turbulent dark with fear and worry right now, there is help! ‘Change me Divine beloved into one who gratefully receives all help You send. Let me release the useless idea that I must carry the burden alone. Let me trust You send the right assistance. May I feel worthy and accept!’

As mentioned, I’m loving astrology right now. Some words below from Jana Roemer, astrologer:

“As revelation happens, a belief dies and a new one is born.
The past informs the future, never fully lost or we are destined to repeat our mistakes.
In this case, we have to go waaaay back to the beginning of these cycles started hundreds of years ago to close and complete them now.
We must face these truths no matter how painful, uncomfortable or tragic…

Astrology is a great validator.
We are SUPPOSED to be in this battle right now.
The systems are SUPPOSED to fail us.
We are SUPPOSED to be challenging our beliefs around the systems and structure that hold up society.
This can be scary & highly destabilizing, but pull your pants up, put your gloves on & jump in because you’re either going to be fighting the change or you’re going to fight for the change. What side of this do you want to be participating in?”

More astrological thoughts from Anne Whitaker here.

I’ve been puzzling for some months over a contradictory symbolic picture: on the one hand, we are at the beginning stages of one of the most important, harshly challenging cycles, ie the 33-38 year Saturn/Pluto cycle; on the other, we are not only approaching the end of the 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle begun in Taurus in the year 2000, but the end of a whole era of that cycle’s moving through the Earth element...

That beginning/ending pattern suggests to me that our painful learning process, sufficiently protracted and purging that we will not (or cannot ) return to our old ways, is set to continue for quite a while to come. We have to get to the very end of the old Jupiter/Saturn order which began with the conjunction’s first venture into the earth element in 1802. That does not happen until the winter solstice of 2020. Until then, we remain in both symbolic and literal quarantine, in detention, one way or another – caught and penned in between a beginning and an ending”



And here’s Sam Reynolds’ Association for Young Astologers’ Zoom webinar from July 2019 here. In this webinar, he discussed the racial power structures of the United States since its inception in the context of Pluto’s significations and cycles. Many of his insights feel prophetic in light of recent events.

Astrologer Rachel Lang says about this time:

What we’re seeing is a convergence of all the storylines we’ve seen throughout Pluto’s time in Capricorn. From the 99% movement, to the civil rights movements and Black Lives Matter, to the #metoo movement and shifts toward more gender equality, to the white nationalist movements, to the conspiracy theorists gaining an audience online, to election hacking, to the protests in response to the COVID restrictions… what ties these events and movements together are Pluto in Capricorn themes- a call for radical reformation and a spotlight on the dark underworld of our societal systems— corporate, economic, governmental, and religious. We have seen the worst — the darkness — of these systems reveal itself to us so we can transform our Capricorn structures.

These storylines are converging right now. 

There is so much confusion because of this. We don’t know – maybe the rioting and violence are the results of other countries working in subversive ways to rally opposing sides and spark civil unrest as they did in the last election. Only, maybe this time it escalated. I’m not saying this is what I believe – only that we need to be willing to see all possibilities and explore them to get to the root of what we need to change. This time of chaos will precede clarity, answers, and global shifts.

The astrology of this year indicates more revelations and more big societal shifts. This isn’t over.

These transits we have going on right now take us into 2021. Also, we’re gearing up for our country’s Pluto return, which will happen in 2022/2023. Pluto returns happen every 249 years, and they bring major cycles of rebirth. We’re in the breakdown/dismantling stage of a rebirth process this year.

It is your opportunity for a great awakening and the activation of your purpose. Your own spiritual shifts are taking place, and you can have greater access to your power.

We need to end racism. We need to end the economic disparity that divides us — along with any systems that perpetuate a false sense of separateness. What happens to one person affects the whole. Our wellbeing, liberation, and happiness depend on the wellbeing, liberation, and happiness of those with the least agency – the least power- in our society.

The new cycles that have begun in 2020 with Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in January and Jupiter and Pluto throughout this year, along with the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction in December, we’re looking at our culture with a blank canvas. We are in a period of renaissance, and we need our collective imagination to create the future we desire – one based on the Aquarian ideals of the new age into which we’re entering.”


And Tosha Silver, another astrologer, says the following:

“…I can’t help thinking as an astrologer cuz that’s my training and nature. So this country is smack in the middle of its once-in-248 year PLUTO return. (The saturn Pluto conjunction Jan 12 was the start bell that said ‘time’s up. Old way is OVER’). Pluto is the planet of death and Rebirth; it makes you face your Shadow, ready or not. It’s collective and individual both. And it is UGLY. So what’s been under the rug all along comes roaring out. You know that from its very beginnings this country was built on racism, started with slavery, and the extermination of native Americans too, all of it. The civil war, confederacy, Jim Crow, it’s been systemic every since. And now, once for all, Pluto brings it ALL home. And mama, it is thorough! As horrifying as this is, here’s where I find faith. A healing eventually comes on the other side of Pluto. Always. If you are open, you are changed. You are utterly changed. It’s the beginning of a new road. Pluto doesn’t pull out till 2024 but it shows the destined road. Divine beloved show me from the inside out how to be a healing ally to my black sisters and brothers right now! Change me however I need to be changed to support this process! Fill us with courage and faith beyond anything we’ve ever imagined. May equality, justice and mercy show the way. May love be victorious! I am You . You are me. We are one. #blacklivesmatter”

Today Pluto is in Capricorn and stationing retrograde. Here is what The Embodied Astrologer’s astrology journal says for today:

“When Pluto is retrograde, we’re called to examine how we relate with circumstances far beyond our control, as well as our own impulses and desires for control and how we seek to exert control in the world. Set intentions for working with this retrograde by journaling or reflecting on the themes of fear, control, and power. How do you experience these states internally and externally? What relationships do these states have with each other? What are some potentially beneficial ways you might work with these states?”

This message makes sense to me as this whole pandemic is beyond my control and I recently received some news that something that I was working on (and dear to me) has now ended as a result of the pandemic. Sitting with it right now.

A friend also mentioned, “Taurus is in Uranus and Uranus, while the sign of innovation, is also a sudden disrupter. It can be volatile. I think it was Jana Roemer saying that Uranus will be shaking it up for us in uncomfortable ways in areas under Taurus’ themes: resources, values, etc.

Could the removal of this trial from your path, however blindsiding and destabilizing at the moment, ultimately be a gift from the universe to set you on a course in the direction of where your gifts/personal resources are needed in a bigger way now?”

Anne Whittaker explores the astrology of this time in her blog post, Saturn enters Aquarius: Prequal to a new world order. You can read it here.

To me, the symbolism (and the corona virus with its attendant worldwide consequences) is saying clearly to our human community (Aquarius) that it is time to take responsibility, accept widespread restrictions (Saturn), for the sake of our communities – and our planet.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, Saturn being Aquarius’ ‘old’ ruler. I take some comfort from this as I watch events unfold, stunned and awed as usual by the symbolic accuracy of the planets’ unfolding patterns. Saturn is at its potentially most constructive as it moves through those collective signs.

The transit through Capricorn has been saying, in essence ‘I have checked out all your systems. They are not what our Mother planet or its creatures need – although much of it may be what some humans want: eg no minority on the face of this Earth needs to accumulate billions whilst many of the majority go hungry – so I have given these systems, and the illusions and denials that go with them, a good kicking. I have joined forces with Pluto and the Nodes – since a good kicking is apparently not enough – and sent you the highly unpleasant gift of corona virus. Great for the planet, but awful for humanity. Let’s see if that’s enough to make you pay attention to what needs to change…’

You can follow her blog here.

And here’s another article about astrology and Coronavirus by Rachelle Lang.

She wrote this in her 2020 overview:

“We will likely see economic and social developments that lead to sweeping changes in all industries. We might see some market fluctuations or hiccups that will balance out by the end of 2020, but what happens in response to these will have consequences (for better or for worse) that will manifest later in the decade (by 2026).”

And then about this current time:

“In May, the North Node moves into Gemini, and our collective attention will focus on how we communicate, how information spreads, and how we discern fact from fiction. We saw the South Node in Gemini at the height of the Spanish Flu in 1918. Certainly, we’ll be thinking about our responses to this pandemic. On a more esoteric level, we will be asked to examine the energetic “viruses” that we pass on to one another through our airwaves. What hate speech do we spread? What messages of fear do we pass on? We will be asked to understand how we can create immunity from fear-based news, untruth, and misinformation. We’ll likely see any deception about this (including biological warfare, bioterrorism, or things of that nature) come to light. I’m not suggesting I believe this is all happening — I’m saying if there are threads of corruption surrounding this virus, we’ll know about them.

All of this air-sign activity is heightened until Saturn goes retrograde and moves back into Capricorn in July, but then picks up again in December when Saturn moves back into Aquarius. Could we see a repeat performance of this virus then? Jupiter enters Aquarius then, too, and its Great Conjunction with Saturn on December 21 will be significant to set into motion societal changes we’ll see throughout the 20s. Jupiter’s influence can magnify anything up in the collective. Jupiter’s influence also shows we have opportunities for technological advancements that can be the remedy for the ongoing spread of the virus.

All this to say, I think it’s wise to remain cautious, as this virus is here to stay for a while. It’s also important to boost your immune system as much as possible.

The North Node indicates where we’re learning lessons and placing our priorities. As it moves into Gemini, things will shift. For now, though, we conclude the journey of the North Node in Cancer (since December 2018) with this message in our focus: Stay at home (home is Cancer’s domain) and regularly wash your hands. (Cancer is a water sign, after all.) As we wash the germs from our hands, we might imagine washing unclean thoughts or fears down the drain, too.”

And a very detailed astrological report about the coronavirus can be found here. According to Lee Lehman, it looks like the health pattern starts to break up in 2023 and by 2024, the health theme is completely gone.

From Jana Roemer’s newsletter:

“COVID19 a unifying force that none of us want and in some deep metaphorical way… all of us need (not the virus itself, but the awakening that comes with it)…

I find a lot of comfort knowing that this is all written in the stars (see any and every post that mentions the Saturn Pluto conjunction). It allows me to turn off the channels feeding me conspiracy theories and the incessant search for why this is all happening, because that doesn’t actually matter. It is all part of the Divine plan that we experience a disruption to all systems and structures this year and this pandemic takes care of all of it in one clean swoop. Government, medical / pharmaceutical, education, power, communication, money — it’s all in for a shake up this year. The Astro also shows that we have the potential to come out the other side of this better than before — but that is up to us and what we do with this time.

What matters is that we get present to our inner reality and rise above the fear. This isn’t a time to put your head in the sand or numb out. It’s an opportunity for a massive awakening.”

According to astrology, the alignment of the stars foretold the mass dismantling of all of the structure of our society.

“There’s VERY INTERESTING astrology right now that, to me, clearly illustrates the current conditions and provides context for what to expect in terms of length and fallout, but also some options as to how to handle it. I’ll say this… the world as we have known it is now a drastically different place. We will not be “going back” and there never really was a normal that we can hope to return to. We need to make intelligent, creative, compassionate decisions and stay adaptable and open. ⁣

This is an opening. This is an opportunity. Even though it is drastic and many, many people are suffering and will suffer. If we don’t see this moment as the opportunity it is, the next time will be worse and substantially more extreme.⁣
” – Embodied Astrology

And more here:

“What impresses me most about Aries Season this year is that (along with marking the beginning of the astrological new year) it marks the beginning of a very significant change. In the traditional methods of astrological time-keeping, we are nearing an end (which is also a beginning) of a 200-year cycle. The cycle we are leaving could be considered synonymous with the Industrial Age. This cycle has promoted accumulation of personal wealth, materialism, fossil-fuel industries and hierarchies of authority. The cycle we are moving into suggests a shifting of values from materialism to intelligence, communications, science and social cohesion. Astrology doesn’t speak to “good” or “bad,” just energy and potential. Where we go and what we do with this new cycle is up to us. ” – Embodied Astrology

Listen to Embodied Astrology’s podcast for Mar 19 to April 20 here.

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