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Saving so I can find this another day:

The University of Pennsylvania has a bunch of “happiness surveys” that you can take for free! Check it out here.

So far, I took a Brief Strengths Test, which measures 24 character strengths. My top strengths came up as:

  • citizenship
  • kindness
  • fairness
  • gratitude
  • spirituality
  • hope
  • love
  • intelligence
  • open-mindedness
  • learning
  • perspective
  • bravery
  • persistence
  • curiosity


And I did the Work-Life Satisfaction scale, and my job is a calling!


On the Compassionate Love scale, I am considered compassionate.


An excerpt from Christina Sell’s article, When Imagination Falters:

“Depression is inevitable when imagination falters and despair sets in—which seems to be the case as we all lean into, and against, our world tilting on its axis. 2020 is the year of tipping points, with no narrative of restoration left but the one we, as a people and citizenry, are making up for ourselves one day at a time.

I know enough astrology to explain the fatigue and the tipping points in both Eastern and Western terms. I know enough Jungian theory to know that my feelings are likely collective, as well as personal. I follow the news enough to know that there is plenty about which to feel heart-broken, angry, and depressed. And, I know enough about my own psychology to know that regardless of what Big Picture explanations I assign to my state, I must process my feelings through the vehicle of my body and with a delicate balance of rest, activity, contemplation, and action.

I slept for 12-hours straight last night and, not surprisingly, woke up feeling better than I have felt in days. And since I meditate, exercise, eat well, and practice a solid self-care routine regardless of the ups-and-downs of my life, when I feel low I am generally already doing all the things that are supposed to “help.” So, today, I am contemplating what I reach for when imagination falters…”

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