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I wrote the following vision in May 2016. It’s now 1.5 years later, and my vision has almost exactly come to fruition…

The original vision:

“I am working at a nature conservation organization in a city that we love. I love my job.

My husband is working as an electrical inspector, and  enjoys his work.

We easily and effortlessly sold our home for a great price.

We easily and effortlessly found a beautiful 3 bedroom home mature trees that is centrally located that we love and can easily afford. We have great friends in our neighbourhood, and Alex has friends on our street.

Our move and transition was seamless and effortless for all involved.

Alex is going to a great school and after-school care program that he loves.

We have great friends with soul connections.

Alex loves his new hockey team.

We are all happy and healthy.

So be it and it is so and so it is.”



And what came to be:

“I am working for the university in a city that we love, on a project that is dear to my heart. I am deeply fulfilled by the work that I do. I love my job and the people that I work for.

My husband is working as an electrical inspector and enjoys his work.

We sold our home for a reasonable price, just in the nick of time, one day before the moving truck arrived.

We easily and effortlessly found a beautiful 3 bedroom home mature trees that is centrally located within the community that we love and can easily afford. We have great friends in our neighbourhood, and Alex has friends on the next block.

We were well supported during our move.

Alex is going to a great school and after-school care program that he loves, and where he has made good friends.

We have great friends with meaningful connections.

Alex loves his new hockey team and has 3 friends on his team from school and his soccer team.

We are all happy and healthy.

And so it is!



I found raspberries in our backyard today that I didn’t know were there.  It felt like an “everyday miracle” because I’ve been talking about how I want to grow raspberries in our backyard, and lo and behold, there’s actually a raspberry bush already growing there.  They were behind our shed.

I  bought a flowers of Newfoundland book and I was identifying some of the wildflowers growing in my yard when I found the raspberries.  hee hee!

This is our first summer in this home and I am loving getting to know our neighbours.  I have met at least one member of each of the houses on our cul-de-sac. I love feeling part of a community. There are many retirees on our street, many couples who have been on the street for 30+ years. Some younger families have also started to move onto the street, including one couple who is expecting a child at the end of August (a potential playmate for Alex in a couple year’s time!). There are also some older boys (ages 8 to 11) who Alex enjoys chasing on his tricycle.

Alex loves meeting the neighbours as well. If anyone is outside of their home when we are outside, Alex makes a point to go over to talk to them. Everyone on the street knows Alex’s name. One of the neighbours has a swing set in their backyard for their grandkids and Alex has a standing invitation to use their swing set.

I love our street!

We saw the movie “One Week” last night, and I loved it.

The movie synopsis: 

When confronted with his mortality, Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) impulsively buys a vintage motorcycle and sets off on a road trip that starts in Toronto and ends up on Vancouver Island in the town of Tofino. Humourous, profound and extremely moving, One Week uses the great Canadian landscape as the backdrop to the story of a man and his life’s journey. In the search for himself, he finds out what makes this country, and his life, so beautiful.

It was a beautiful tribute to Canada and to life itself.

The movie asks the question,  “What would you do if you only had one week to live”, or “What would you do if you had one week to change your life?”

I’ve gone through many metamorphases in my life, and I’m happy to say that currently I wouldn’t change much in my life if I knew that I only had one more week to live.

It feels as though there’s no unfinished business to attend to.

All of the important people in my life know that they are loved.

I have been forgiven and have forgiven.

I would probably spend a lot of time with loved ones and in nature.

I wouldn’t need to go on a road trip, or fly anywhere.

I’d be content to just be here.

This is the first time that we’ve had our very own garden and I am loving spending time in it.

Digging around in the dirt.

Breathing in the fresh air.

Talking to the trees.

Mixing up our compost.

Admiring all of the snails.

Picking the dandelions.

It feels like our own bit of heaven in our backyard.

Slowly we are putting in our touches — we have two bird feeders so far, a finch feeder and a millet/black sunflowerseed feeder.  We’ve had American goldfinches, black-capped chickadees and dark-eyed juncos visit so far. Eventually I’ll put out a suet-feeder too.

We had some perennials come up in our front garden, and we’ve planted some more perennial seeds.  The nice thing about gardening in Newfoundland is that it rains so often that you don’t need to water the garden at all.

We eventually would like to landscape the entire front yard and transform it into a xeriphytic / naturescaped area.  No more lawn.  But, we’re going to take our time to do it. In the meantime, the front lawn has been completely overtaken by dandelions.  There were so many dandelions that going around with the dandelion-picker was pretty futile. I tried to go around and pick all of the yellow flowers before it went to seed, but again the dandelions won. I kind of feel like dandelions are so hardy and good at growing, they deserve to take over the world. (Though I also admit that I also feel a bit like a bad neighbour with all of our dandelion seeds spreading across the neighbourhood).  I picked a few of dandelion leaves tonight and will try eating them as a green — I hear that they are very nutritrious for you. If you have any tips on how to “control” dandelions in an easy and non-chemical, let me know!

In our backyard, there was a very small vegetable garden that was started by the previous owner.  Very small.  As in a wild onion plant and another plant that we haven’t been able to identify yet. We’re slowly extending the vegetable garden and planted a couple of tomato plants, sage, thyme, peas, tomato seeds, and pepper seeds. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t know anything about gardening and I’m also pretty lazy about it — I want to see what will grow with minimal effort and will grow more of whatever grows well over the years.

Eventually I’d love to turn most of our lawn into a vegetable garden. But, again we’re starting small and will slowly build. It’s pretty exciting…

Alex enjoys his time in the backyard as well — digging in the dirt — he calls it “his dirt”, pushing his toy lawnmower and riding his tricycle around.

We purchased an old-fashioned push lawnmower — the non-gas / non-electric type. Mel’s been doing the mowing and he says that it works pretty well. You need to exert a bit more force than with the electric/gas type, but it’s non-polluting and quiet and does the job! We highly recommend it.

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