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I posted here some of the places that we’ve previously found that you can buy local foods.

To add to this list, today we found Belbins on Quidi Vidi Road.  It’s a grocery store that sells some organic foods, local foods, and also frozen foods that have been prepared onsite with good quality ingredients and no preservatives. We picked up a few of these for Mel’s lunches.

Last weekend and this weekend, we visited a local farmer in St. Phillips who sells chickens, eggs and lamb. We go there for their lamb especially because it is one of the few meats that Alex can currently eat (although there are strong signs that this is changing). They are starting to get to know us and they brought us into their chicken coop so that we could see their one-week old chicks.

Yesterday, we went to the first farmer’s market  of the year.  We arrived near the end, so we only had time to pick up a couple of tomato plants, but we plan to make it a part of our Saturday date to pick up some fresh produce at the farmer’s market.


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