By Jana Roemer, Astrologer:

“Capricorn New Moon ◯

Ruled by Saturn
Cardinal Earth
Lives in the teeth, bones + knees
Receptive, Yin energy

Wait, what?! Capricorn is feminine, receptive, yin energy?

Capricorn is usually portrayed as masculine: Ambition to summit the mountain, strategize, plan & execute at all costs.

Collectively, it’s this gov’t + CEO energy, that at times abuses power & authority.

With this new moon conjunct Pluto, we are being called to HEAL this radical imbalance by dancing in the shadows & unearthing skeletons.
Every single planet in the zodiac is involved in a square now, supporting major change.

So what causes this staggering imbalance in the Capricorn archetype?
Adults who didn’t get the love they needed as a child. They weren’t seen, heard or understood. Creating an attitude of: “I’ll show them! I’ll rise to the top & then you’ll see me! My importance will be obvious, then they’ll hear me!” Constantly seeking external validation.

Mama Earth holds the real power + authority here: loving tenderness

Have you ever witness power through presence vs power through force?
With Neptune squaring the nodes, we can expect revelations. New understandings.

What if we’re working to restore the power to the Matriarchy?

She listens.
She is guided by Her intuition, not her intellect.
She moves in waves, not rigid lines.
Mama Earth sees Soul everywhere + respects all life because of that.
She doesn’t force things.

With this Capricorn moon, we don’t need to be strategizing our goals & making a plan of execution. No. It’s time to turn inward & recognize your Divinity so your presence is powerful. To give all the younger, unseen, unheard versions of yourself the validation you have been craving & love yourself like you’ve never loved yourself before. A connection that enables you to respond in any circumstance. This is our response-ability in 2021.

2021 is a year of adaptation.

We take each day as it comes & respond from our HEARTs.

The plan we need now our path to healing.”