I have been finding comfort in astrology lately….

By Jana Roemer, Astrologer:

“We start the day with the Moon void of course in Capricorn before the Moon moves into Aquarius at 12:25pm PST.The moon in Aquarius is very community oriented, yet, it wants FREEDOM and won’t stick around for anything less that authenticity. Let go of the script, the ‘shoulds’ and anything expected of you that doesn’t fit your genuine expression of individuality. Quirky, weird tendencies may bubble forth in a way that you just have to roll with it. Follow your curiosity into innovation or even rebellion. We have the closing square between Saturn and Venus today as well. This is interesting because it will be the most intense dialogue between Venus in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. They’re both at home in their signs. Venus negotiating for peace and harmony with unparalleled diplomacy while Saturn thunders in with why it won’t work or demanding higher integrity or placing boundaries where you want freedom. Just remember that Saturn is often working for your uplevelment, so that boundary could be protecting you or the flaw in the system being pointed out may prevent much bigger blunders in the long run. Trust. Let the discomfort of today turn your attention inward to feel for the sweet spot of self love before proceeding.

The Sun in Scorpio is sextile Saturn in Capricorn potentiating a transformative underbelly to whatever it is that you’re building.

If there’s one piece of wisdom that I could drop in today to carry through the rest of the year, it would be to loosen your grip on everything to allow for the space for things to transform. There is a future coming that most haven’t even imagined yet.

REMEMBER: The Universe is working for you with your best interest at heart.”