And here’s Sam Reynolds’ Association for Young Astologers’ Zoom webinar from July 2019 here. In this webinar, he discussed the racial power structures of the United States since its inception in the context of Pluto’s significations and cycles. Many of his insights feel prophetic in light of recent events.

Astrologer Rachel Lang says about this time:

What we’re seeing is a convergence of all the storylines we’ve seen throughout Pluto’s time in Capricorn. From the 99% movement, to the civil rights movements and Black Lives Matter, to the #metoo movement and shifts toward more gender equality, to the white nationalist movements, to the conspiracy theorists gaining an audience online, to election hacking, to the protests in response to the COVID restrictions… what ties these events and movements together are Pluto in Capricorn themes- a call for radical reformation and a spotlight on the dark underworld of our societal systems— corporate, economic, governmental, and religious. We have seen the worst — the darkness — of these systems reveal itself to us so we can transform our Capricorn structures.

These storylines are converging right now. 

There is so much confusion because of this. We don’t know – maybe the rioting and violence are the results of other countries working in subversive ways to rally opposing sides and spark civil unrest as they did in the last election. Only, maybe this time it escalated. I’m not saying this is what I believe – only that we need to be willing to see all possibilities and explore them to get to the root of what we need to change. This time of chaos will precede clarity, answers, and global shifts.

The astrology of this year indicates more revelations and more big societal shifts. This isn’t over.

These transits we have going on right now take us into 2021. Also, we’re gearing up for our country’s Pluto return, which will happen in 2022/2023. Pluto returns happen every 249 years, and they bring major cycles of rebirth. We’re in the breakdown/dismantling stage of a rebirth process this year.

It is your opportunity for a great awakening and the activation of your purpose. Your own spiritual shifts are taking place, and you can have greater access to your power.

We need to end racism. We need to end the economic disparity that divides us — along with any systems that perpetuate a false sense of separateness. What happens to one person affects the whole. Our wellbeing, liberation, and happiness depend on the wellbeing, liberation, and happiness of those with the least agency – the least power- in our society.

The new cycles that have begun in 2020 with Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in January and Jupiter and Pluto throughout this year, along with the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction in December, we’re looking at our culture with a blank canvas. We are in a period of renaissance, and we need our collective imagination to create the future we desire – one based on the Aquarian ideals of the new age into which we’re entering.”


And Tosha Silver, another astrologer, says the following:

“…I can’t help thinking as an astrologer cuz that’s my training and nature. So this country is smack in the middle of its once-in-248 year PLUTO return. (The saturn Pluto conjunction Jan 12 was the start bell that said ‘time’s up. Old way is OVER’). Pluto is the planet of death and Rebirth; it makes you face your Shadow, ready or not. It’s collective and individual both. And it is UGLY. So what’s been under the rug all along comes roaring out. You know that from its very beginnings this country was built on racism, started with slavery, and the extermination of native Americans too, all of it. The civil war, confederacy, Jim Crow, it’s been systemic every since. And now, once for all, Pluto brings it ALL home. And mama, it is thorough! As horrifying as this is, here’s where I find faith. A healing eventually comes on the other side of Pluto. Always. If you are open, you are changed. You are utterly changed. It’s the beginning of a new road. Pluto doesn’t pull out till 2024 but it shows the destined road. Divine beloved show me from the inside out how to be a healing ally to my black sisters and brothers right now! Change me however I need to be changed to support this process! Fill us with courage and faith beyond anything we’ve ever imagined. May equality, justice and mercy show the way. May love be victorious! I am You . You are me. We are one. #blacklivesmatter”