Enjoyed colouring a forest scene hat Martha Beck drew.  Martha says the following about the drawing:

I drew this as a coloring book page to go along with my allegorical novel, Diana Herself.

The book is loosely based on my five years of ambling around the oak forests of the Central Coast.

In the lower middle of the picture there’s a silhouette of a person meditating. All around are the friends I met in the forest: oak trees, woodpeckers, bobcats, deer, gray fox, raccoons.

I hope you can see that the forest itself is also a woman’s face (you may have to squint a little). The moon and a mountain lion’s head are her eyes; the wings of a bird form her upper lip; the moss draping from the limbs form her hair, and so on.

The point is that when we relax into nature, we forget to be separate and apart. We become everything in the forest (or the sea, or the desert) and everything in it becomes us.

When we feel nature as our own bodies, it’s easier to take care of it. I hope the pandemic is helping with that.”