“At its roots, the word compassion means ‘to be with suffering.’ Learning to be with one’s own suffering— be that suffering a loss of income, a relationship challenge or the many frightening realities of a global pandemic, is not about fixing the outer situation. Self-compassion is a practice of loving ourselves unconditionally, of being with ourselves, in those moments when we might typically abandon ourselves. We need self-compassion the most when loving ourselves is difficult.” – Christina Sell, Yoga Teacher, Cultivating Self-Compassion

That struck me – that fact that the word compassion means “to be with suffering”.

I looked a bit more into it and indeed,  “The word passion comes from Latin root pati-, meaning suffering, or enduring. Thus, compassion means to suffer-with… And passion is, at its core, a form of pain that demands it be quenched.” – In Defense of Passion

It’s odd that the word passion today is often associated with something that brings us joy, when the root of the word means suffering.

My friend mentioned that she recently read about passion being an activity, goal or cause that you care about so much that you are willing to suffer for it. Interesting…