From Pam Gregory, Astrologer:

“We are still very much in the energy of Uranus stationing direct on the 18th, that has brought clarity to many people. Uranus represents high-frequency crystalline energy, and can bring with it a feeling of just ‘knowing’ something, and this can really help us move forwards. Today Mars is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius, and this can help us connect to much higher consciousness and inspiration. Try to tune into this today.

Uranus can bring HIGHER perspectives, NEW perspectives on things that we hadn’t seen before, and there is a restless urge felt by many (!) for more freedom, more truth, more newness in life that can take us to a higher state of being. It is like the fog suddenly clearing after many weeks. Uranus is also linked to our strong sense of individuality and uniqueness that we may be able to define more sharply. The planet is very activated this year, partly as the North Node is now in the same sign as Uranus, Taurus, and there are two powerful Eclipses this year where Uranus is actually conjunct the Eclipse, one at the end of April and the other in November.

In order to get us to a higher state of being Uranus can bring some chaos or breakdown to allow the breakthrough to happen, but it is always with purpose. This Uranian energy is emphasised at the New Moon in Aquarius on the 31st January/1st February as Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and this is a new beginning. Start to plan your new intention, depending on where 12°19′ Aquarius falls in your chart. There is a freshness and an excitement that can come with this. At this New Moon the Sun and Moon are square to Uranus and Mars is trine to it. This will emphasise the electrical, buzzy, wired energy which may make it hard to sleep (I know many are struggling, myself included, with this intense cosmic energy), but makes it impossible to stay where you are with the old beliefs and habits. We are breaking out of our cocoons.

Once both Venus move direct on the 29th January and Mercury on the 4th February all planets will be moving direct until the end of April, and this can create more momentum for many, a sense of moving forwards in a very different episode in life. Even if outer circumstances are very constrained, we can feel an inner sense of expansion and freedom. We can CHOOSE our feelings, our state, our set point of frequency, even when events are tough on the outside, as spiritual masters have always spoken of this; the more we can hold a positive equilibrium ourselves, the more we will help the collective to move through the challenges.

Although Jupiter is not yet conjunct Neptune, that doesn’t happen until the 12th April, they are both in the sign of Pisces and the New Moon in Pisces on the 2nd March is conjunct Jupiter with an increasing sense of hope and expansion of a better future. Start to tune into this magical energy and dream big. 2022 is a great year of change, not always comfortable, but holds within it profound transformation as we go over the pivot-point, the tipping point of the seesaw, to gradually start to see signs of a more loving, compassionate, and abundant world. We will see even more signs of this in 2023.”

From Jedidiah Jenkins, Writer:

“I’m writing my new book and I sit down wondering if I have anything to say. I think every artist hits this sometimes. I feel dull. Silly.

But then I thought, and I swear this thought visited me like a whispering angel:

Write because the Universe has never had the chance to be seen by you. As only you see it. And it never will again. Existence as it passes through you comes out a new color. Get that down. Grab it as best you can.”

From Tosha Silver, Astrologer:

Yes yes there are always challenges and ‘growth opportunities’ no matter what the Transit cycle. HOWEVER, February 1 to May 1 is one heck of an unusual stretch with full-forward motion of the planets on multiple fronts and much support for bold, creative and compassionate action. Really a blessed stretch if you follow your deepest instincts and jump when guided. 2022 just doesn’t even start till then with the Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger. In the remaining 2 1/2 weeks it can be VERY helpful to clear out any junk you just don’t need anymore, both inside and out.

From Pam Gregory – Themes for 2022

  • This will be an eventful year.
  • As much as possible, stay in your joy and bliss. Stay centred.
  • Uranus (Freedom) is becoming stronger than Saturn (Control) in 2022
  • The old order is collapsing; we are birthing a new earth. Stay in the frequency of birthing a new earth.
  • Do not pay attention to the old world collapsing.
  • We are entering an extreme change in the US, which will ripple to the rest of the world.
  • We are building towards a crescendo to Oct to Dec
  • There is more light on the earth at the moment
  • For all info that you take in, ask yourself if it increases or decreases your frequency
  • Focus on standing in your autonomy and shining your light
  • How can I optimize the energy of the moment?
  • Don’t ask: “When will this be over?” because that is victim energy.
  • Instead, step into your creative energy.
  • A new society is being created right now: a new health system, financial, educational, political systems, etc.
  • Stand strong and stay in your centre.

This is powerful.

This Body (written in the bathtub while recovering from COVID)
By Heather Plett

scroll through my social media feed
And am confronted by a hundred ads,
Each one telling me that this body is not good enough.
Each one telling me that they have the answer
That will finally make this body acceptable.
“Trust your body,” they say, “to our diet, exercise program, machine, or magical foods so that this can be the year you can be found worthy.“

I look down at this body
And I fight the urge to believe what they say
Because I have heard their messages all of my life
And have been taught to trust them over my own body.

But how could this body not be good enough
When she has birthed four babies
And buried one?
How could this body not be good enough
When she has carried me to mountain peaks
And splashed in wild oceans?
How could this body not be good enough
When she has found the resources to fight
This disease and so many others?
How could this body not be good enough
When she has known and given love, ecstasy, and comfort?
How could this body not be good enough when she has survived rape and abuse,
And still found the strength to get out of bed the next day?
How could this body not be good enough when she has done so much
To protect me
To carry me
To teach me
To love me
To heal me?

“I am your beloved” my body whispers,
Not clamouring for attention
Like those loud ads.
“I am your beloved” she whispers again and again.
And I turn from the ads
To offer my trust
To my own body.

My friend summarized Pam Gregory and Bracha Goldsmith’s astrological fireside chat (video provided below).

“Basically, the energy of 2022 will be very different from the past two years.  Whereas Saturn had the upper hand in the past two years, and therefore it has felt very constricted and heavy, this year, Uranus will begin to gain the upper hand.  Uranus is much more discontinuous, fast, sudden, shocking energy.  Apparently we’ll really start to feel that from May on.  Big takeaway is that 2022 will move very quickly.  So, find your inner anchor.  Particularly from May and beyond, it may even begin to feel revolutionary. 

Big influences this year include:
– US Pluto return in Feb which is expected to bring a lot of turbulence to markets, money systems, currency, resources, etc.
– Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces in April, which can bring about amazing mystical opportunities, we’re asked to dream big (big potential for manifestation!), revelations, also floods!, and/or delusions/illusions.

The nodes of the moon are shifting from Sag/Gemini into Scorpio/Taurus for the next 18 mos.  Scorpio is where the south node is–what we are releasing from the collective karma.  Themes include secrets, betrayals, traumas, etc.  Cleansing and purging.  North Node in Taurus is where we’re headed, our collective destiny.  We are asked to cultivate high end Taurus in order to mitigate low end Scorpio.  So, Taurus is simplicity. Nature, food, the five senses, our values.  Peace.

They kept stressing how fast this year will move.  And how our resilience will be tested.  They brought up things like micro chipping, which is likely to roll out very quick, as well as centralized digital currencies/the phasing out of cash.  They said it is good to be clear about your line in the sand and get in community, both digital and analog, with folks who have similar values.”

I shall kiss [her] in the presence of everyone,
That they might understand my love.
She is the one who has stolen my heart –
When she looks at me it is refreshment.

– Ostracon Gardiner, Egyptian text, The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult, page 186

Dr. Robert Malone – his interview by Joe Rogan here (transcript is here) and his substack here.

Dr. Peter McCullough’s podcast. And his interview with Joe Rogan (on Spotify; transcript here).

Alex Berenson – Former NYT Reporter, Unreported truths

Bad Catitude

Jessica Rose – Scientist

Steve Kirsch

Charles Eisenstein – writer, speaker

Darby Shaw – Focus on kids

And many more listed here.

This resonates:

“There are concentric circles of grief: the patient is at the center, the next layer is the caregiver, then their kids, then close friends, and so on. Figure out what circle you’re in. If you are looking into the concentric circles, you give comfort. If you’re looking out, you receive it”. – Page 209, The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult

And you can read more about this here. Another way of explaining this is “”Comfort IN, dump OUT”.

I like this list of 100 ways to slightly improve your life, which you can read here.

A few that I already do:

  • Eat salted butter (life’s too short for unsalted).
  • Sleep with your phone in a different room (and buy an alarm clock).
  • Don’t have Twitter on your phone.
  • Text to say thank you.
  • Every so often, search your email for the word “unsubscribe” and then use it on as many as you can.
  • Go to bed earlier – but don’t take your phone with you.
  • Always use freshly ground pepper.
  • Nap.
  • Learn how to breathe deeply: in through the nose, out through the mouth, making the exhale longer than the inhale.
  • Politely decline invitations if you don’t want to go.
  • If in doubt, add cheese.
  • Give compliments widely and freely.
  • And more…

“Home isn’t a where, Olive. It’s a who.” – Wyatt, The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult

You don’t have to be extraordinary to do meaningful work.

“You will be confronted with questions every day that test your morals. The questions will get tougher, and the consequences will become more severe. Think carefully, and for your sake, do the right thing, not the easy thing.” – Dennis Kozlowski

It’s important for leaders to create Direction, Alignment & Commitment with their team.

You can read more about these concepts here and here.

Words from Charles Eisenstein, from his piece, Not an essay, A letter:

“I don’t have an easy solution. We are in quite a mess. All I can do is to connect and reconnect to a truth beneath our differences, the truth that we are all brother and sisters, that we are each life itself, miraculous and sacred, doing what life does when it is being you, me, them, and us. To the extent I stay grounded in that knowledge, my words can invite those whose beliefs they challenge to listen.”

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