“Spend your life loving. Not seeking love.
Ocean. Need not seek water.” – Jaiya John, Daughter Drink this Water

In this article in the Harvard Business Review, Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey write: “Even if women demonstrate strength, ambition, and resilience, our daily battles with microaggressions, especially expectations and assumptions formed by stereotypes and racism, often push us down. Imposter syndrome as a concept fails to capture this dynamic and puts the onus on women to deal with the effects. Workplaces remain misdirected toward seeking individual solutions for issues disproportionately caused by systems of discrimination and abuses of power.”

Brene Brown interviews both co-authors about this topic in her podcast here.

A quote from Charles Eisenstein about bravery in his article, The Rehearsal is Over:

“That is why synchronicity so often congeals around bravery. Synchronicity is the snapping of the laws of probability as reality shifts to align with brave choices.

… God says, “Show me that you want a more beautiful world enough to actually risk something with no guarantee. Then you will see results beyond all reckoning.””

From Pam Gregory, Astrologer:

“Pluto became stationary direct at 24°18′ Capricorn on Oct 6th, Saturn will turn stationary direct on Oct 11th at 6°52′ Aquarius, and then Jupiter and Mercury turn stationary direct on the 18th at 22°19′ Aquarius and 10°7′ Libra respectively.

Particularly as the outer planets change direction, we will gradually sense a change in the energy and possibly the narrative. Saturn’s station could bring in a reality check, but it is also about getting much clearer on your own boundaries surrounding your truth, what your views are, especially on areas of your sovereignty. Saturn=boundaries, Aquarius=truth. 

We will gradually feel a build up of energy throughout the month and the 18th could be a significant day with Jupiter and Mercury moving forwards. Both are in Air signs and there is likely to be a surge towards freedom, future visions, truth, equality, fairness and justice. The energy builds to a crescendo around the Full Moon at 27°26′ Aries on the 20th, that has intensity, purpose, passion and warrior energy stamped all over it. Feelings are high and assertive, possibly militaristic. However Aries has the key phrase of ‘I am’. This is a clear statement of individuality, sovereignty and self-leadership. Use this energy for your individual sense of courage. How will you look back on this initiation we are going through, and the part you played in it?

We will see a lot of truth coming out during October, even more so in November once we get into Scorpio season, the sign of secrets. Financial turbulence is probable as we move forwards from mid-October, so be aware this is all part of the breakdown of the old to reach our breakthrough.

There will be even more colour and drama emerging in the 3D world. However, try not to focus on that as you will keep feeding what is collapsing. As we step into New Earth, we will have a new independent financial system, legal system (based on common law), a new education system that is localised, new medical system based on energy, new political system in that the top down system will be replaced from grassroots people’s assemblies and councils. We will rely on our own resources and knowledge and come together in a rich tapestry of skills to support one another and birth something way more beautiful for the benefit of us all. This is already happening all over the world, be assured.

So pour all of your energy into creating this. Do you have any specialist knowledge that you can share with others in this way? Are you already linking with like-minded people? These networks will be very precious as the foundations of New Earth.

The photonic energy pouring onto the Earth is unstoppable. So whenever you wobble about what is unfolding, just remember that the light is the gamechanger.”

“Plants are multidimensional… they are advanced beings with a spiritual aspect, mental aspect, emotional aspect, and physical aspect.” – from La Nouvelle Aromatherapie by Philipe Mallibu

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods” – by Lord Byron

by Donna Ashworth, from her poetry book, To the Women

What if you’re never ready?
What if, this is as close to being ready that you’ll ever actually be?
What if, the biggest regret you have when you look back on your life, is that you wasted time waiting, waiting to be better, when you were already so very much enough?
What if, the last thought you have when your life comes to an end, is that you didn’t do enough living whilst you were alive?
My friend, this is it.This is your life, right here, right now.
And let me tell you something, somebody somewhere went to sleep last night assuming tomorrow would be a new day.
And it wasn’t.
Today is the day.
Every day is the day.
Life waits for no one.
Seize the moment, seize the day.
Dance like nobody’s watching.
Watch the sunset.
Eat the delicious cake.
Put your bare feet on the cool grass.
Be alive.
Put your hand on your chest and feel that heartbeat pulsing through your body.
That’s all you need to be ready.
That is truly all the purpose you ever really need.
You, my friend, are alive.
So live.

Given that I’ve mostly been working remotely during the pandemic, I do miss office interactions.

“I am pro-office. I miss a good eavesdropping, the promise of midday gossip, the “quick random question” that blooms into a half-hour conversation, and, theoretically, the magical combustion of creativity forged by these connections.” – Derek Thompson, Hard Work isn’t the Point of Offices

“I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.”― Celine, Before Sunset

Lissa Rankin, MD shared 12 commonalities a Harvard Doctor found in people who experienced radical remissions:

  • Activate the relaxation response
  • Love heals
  • Heal trauma
  • Seek out a master healer
  • Journey on an immune-boosting pilgrimage
  • Positive belief
  • Radical diet changes
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Heal your identity
  • Refuse to be defined by your illness
  • Heal your fear of death
  • Burn your boat.

Questions for self-inquiry:

  1. What are my triggers? In what situations or circumstances do I struggle the most to stick to my guns? Can I avoid these or prepare better for them?
  2. What is the vision I have for my life- something so inspiring, I would sacrifice immediate pleasure to attain it? What will help me to achieve that? What might prevent it?
  3. Who can I trust to counsel me in this situation? Who can I call who’ll support instead of undermining me?
  4. What “reward” can I give myself for following through? Make it meaningful and immediate. Contact with someone you care about? Play a favorite song? Something that makes you feel great. 
  5. What will help me understand my value and worth and see the importance and goodness that I bring into the world?
  6. Why did I decide to make this change in my life? Remember your reasons. Recall your vision of the life, the healthy body, you really want. Let yourself feel it.

“All your ecstacy in life is going to come from the inside.”

– Dr. Edith Eva Egar (Holocaust survivor) in her book, “The Choice: Embrace the Possible” (p. 159). This was
wisdom shared to her by her ballet teacher.

“Just remember, no one can take away from you what you’ve put in your mind.”

– Dr. Edith Eva Egar, a Holocaust survivor, in her book, The Choice: Embrace the Possible

“Who am I if not my beloved’s? How will I go on?”
Lorna Crozier, Through the Garden: A Love Story (with Cats), reflecting about her dying husband

By Lorna Crozier, from Thoreau said a Walk Changes the Walker:

There are weeks in the forest
when your whole body is
a word even you can’t utter
but the trees, in their
deep listening,

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